How thinking about your estate plan now, can save a lot of stress less later 

Often, young people do not make the effort to get their wishes solidified in writing. Although still a young woman Perpetua, a longtime supporter of OHS, decided to formalize her desire to include a gift to OHS in her will. “It’s not a fun topic to think about, but I am glad I did it. Once you do it there is a sense of wellbeing, you have peace of mind because you are being proactive. You feel more confident and less anxious,” Perpetua related. “I would encourage everyone to do it. You are never too young or too old to have a plan in place.”

perpetuaPerpetua, grew up in Lake Oswego, attended college in New York and worked on Wall Street for ten years before returning to Portland in the late nineties. When not working as an investment manager managing portfolios for corporate and government retirement plans, she enjoys; hiking, playing the guitar, traveling, and volunteering with several animal rescue groups. 

In 2010 Perpetua owned a yorkie named Simon who won the Diamond Collar award. Simon had helped Perpetua’s mother escape a fire. Simon and Perpetua shared 17 years together. Simon was a special soul and the main reason Perpetua became involved in animal welfare causes. “I view OHS as one of the top humane organizations in the country due to the strong leadership of Sharon Harmon and all the innovative ideas they’ve implemented to take humane organizations to a whole new level. OHS has definitely raised the bar as far as what can be achieved!” Perpetua commented. 

Perpetua knows that she will have pets throughout her life. Currently, she has one yorkie who came into her life as a foster fail. Teddy is between ten and fourteen years old, and was picked up as a stray in California, and sent to a yorkie rescue organization. He has some health issues and was being bullied by the other fosters. Perpetua took him on a temporary basis. Teddy decided that he was staying. “It was his decision” said Perpetua. 

Perpetua has a large family and many members would be willing to take Teddy should the need arise. In the future Perpetua may take advantage of the Friends Forever program. Under this program OHS will rehome any surviving pets, there is no minimum contribution, and no need to incorporate language into the will. “Even if you think you have something lined up circumstances may change for the beneficiaries, so it is good to have a backup in place,” Perpetua commented. 

Having a plan in place eases the burden on surviving family members while giving peace of mind. To learn more please visit our resources page.



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