Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:

Don Marshall and Michael Marx

Portland has been home to Don and Michael since they relocated from California 19 years ago. Long-time animal devotees and rescue advocates, they became active OHS supporters shortly upon their arrival.

Beth Siegel, Riley, and Blue

Beth has joined the OHS Friends Forever program to ensure that, if she can no longer care for her pets, OHS will step in. “As I age, it allows me to have pets and not worry about if something happens to me. I know the pets will be taken care of.”

Bill & Roberta Ramirez: Home Is Where the Pets Are

For Bill and Roberta Ramirez, “home” is not a static place—home is where their pets are.

Jane and Dick Miller

Jane and Dick Miller have always loved animals. Allergies prevented them from having a dog or cat, but that didn’t stop them. Ten years ago, thanks to the generosity of Northwest Alpacas, they became the proud owners of two alpacas, Fito and Toyo.