Our donors, and the beneficiaries of their generosity, have stories to share.

Read their inspiring stories below:

Carol and Birmie, the cat

How a Special Cat Inspired a Legacy Gift

I have been an Oregon Humane Society foster parent, volunteer, and donor for many years. I want to tell you about a very special cat that I fostered, and adopted, named Birmie.

Patricia and Diane Heffron

Patricia and Diane Heffron are often considered a dynamic duo at OHS. The siblings have been volunteering at OHS since 2012 and walk dogs, foster pets with behavior challenges, work long hours during Second Chance intakes, and have spent weeks deploying to disaster zones.

Perpetua Philips

Often, young people do not make the effort to get their wishes solidified in writing. Although still a young woman Perpetua, a longtime supporter of OHS, decided to formalize her desire to include a gift to OHS in her will. “It’s not a fun topic to think about, but I am glad I did it."

Beth Siegel, Riley, and Blue

Beth has joined the OHS Friends Forever program to ensure that, if she can no longer care for her pets, OHS will step in. “As I age, it allows me to have pets and not worry about if something happens to me. I know the pets will be taken care of.”

Bill & Roberta Ramirez: Home Is Where the Pets Are

For Bill and Roberta Ramirez, “home” is not a static place—home is where their pets are.